Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wiki witch of the west.

So, wikis.


I was confused by wikis before I started the Learning 2.0 sessions. And I still am a bit, I'm sorry to say. I see some uses for wikis, however, in the grand scheme of things, I'm not sure exactly how we can implement them into our work in the libraries. Ready reference is an obvious suspect. Also, it may be good for general communication among branches and clusters. Clearly, as with many things in Web 2.0 world, wikis require more than just a cursory poking and I’m sure my collegues who are more wiki savvy will have some great ideas on how to use this technology

As far as wiki sites go, (like Wikipedia, and the like) I think that they do a great job of maintaining current information and making it easy to access and to update. However, I still have concerns over authority. If anyone can just post willy-nilly, what kind of disinformation can we disperse? (Oh, I salivate at the opportunities.) I've heard reports that Wikipedia's error rate is roughly that of Britannica and that errors are typically caught and fixed within an hour of being posted. Though Wikipeida's usefulness is not in question (I use it often myself), I will still have concerns with a site where there is really no editorial board to oversee the posts.

Or maybe I’m just being fickle in my old age.