Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tag! This is it! A number 9!

I came across something recently that I thought was pertinent to our conversation on tagging and perhaps also to our work with del.icio.us and Technorati. I found it on the Library Stuff website (which is a great library blog if you are interested).

First, go to this Amazon.com link .

Then, read the posts and enjoy.

Now, read the rest of this post.

As you read, apparently someone was selling a house number for $250,000. (Though now you can buy it used for less than $1,500. Such a steal!) The greatest part of this is the user comments. My favorite is from the reviewer Gus the Goldfish of Fishbowl, WA:
"What most of the other reviewers seem to be missing is that this is no ordinary house number. It is 54'6" high, weighs 7 metric tons, and casts a shadow over the entire neighborhood. The guy next door to me, at #7, gets no sunlight from 2-3pm on most summer days. That alone is worth the price."

Perhaps. But my thought is that obviously this is the #9 that sponsors the Sesame Street episodes and therefore it needs the cash to keep the Muppets living in the style to which they have become accustomed.

Or perhaps this is the last #9 in existence in the universe. Then we will go right from 8 to 10. The next number we'll lose will no doubt be "3".

And I hope this qualifies for FREE Super Saver Shipping.

I could go on and on.
All that aside, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page in Amazon you'll notice something interesting. You guessed it. Tags. And look at some of these. I understand most of them. "Amazon oddities" is the best to my fevered little mind. And if you click on that link, a whole new world is opened up to you! Some of the items that will appear on my Amazon wish list soon include:
Throwing Axes
Gold Lemon Squeezer
Tropical Shirt Can Cover
The Darth Vader Dog Costume

From these items you can guess what I do on the weekends.

Regardless, of how weird this is, I think we can all see where this tagging thing can go. It has a lot of potential for good--and EVIL! The thing is, it is unlikely Amazon would go out their way to point out all the weird products in their inventory. Thank goodness people with nothing better to do sit around and take care of that for them.

Let me rewrite the above 2 sentences in KCLS terms:

The thing is, it is unlikely the King County Library System would go out their way to catalog all the wonderful materials in new and unique ways to make them accessible to the public. Thank goodness our patrons with intelligence and good taste assist us in making these items accessible.

LC takes care of so much for us, and yet with tagging, our patrons can fill in the gaps. Library 2.0 technologies can be extremely beneficial and I'm excited about how we can find new and inventive ways to incorporate them into our system.

You like me. Or is this just because we have an assignment?

Now I have friends on MySpace. And conversely I am on their site. It is like some kind of virus. Or six degrees of separation. (I wish they had some kind of MySpace mash-up that would do that for you. I've looked but haven't found one.)

And I've made a comment on the KCLS 27 things MySpace page. As I commented, I think this is just an elaborate ploy to get lots and lots of comments.

On March 27th! Ha!

MySpace Star!

I'm keeping up with the Learning 2.0 stuff-I'm just not blogging about it. But on this week's lesson , #9, I'm way ahead as you can tell if you listened to my starring role on the podcast! By the way, I'll be signing autographs later this week at the Lynnwood Barnes and Noble. (I do a feel a little over exposed since I was just in the PI, too.) But, enough about me.

Actually, no, more about me. MySpace is all about ME. Not Rick, but the collective "ME". It is social and about the exchange of information on personal basis. It can be a great tool for finding old friends, making new ones and keeping tabs on authors, actors, bands/musicians and anyone else who has deigned to create a MySpace page. Like libraries. Or Teen Advisory Boards. Like MySTAB. MySTAB is about connecting teens in STAB as well as providing them access to authors and readers advisory sites.

However, because it is about ME, I decided to create a separate MySpace site for this project. I enjoyed having a slightly different focus for this site. I'll probably keep it more "professional", though not too professional (note the dog picture). Special thanks to Miriam Driss for letting me use Morgan as my avatar.