Sunday, June 3, 2007

Word-lite (or Diet Word with a touch of lemon).

I really like the idea of having this online software available. Obviously, it will make collaborating with others much more convenient and expeditious. However, if one is without an Internet connection, it makes it a bit difficult to do ones work and/or collaborate. On the other hand, wireless access is become more and more prevalent. My mother was in the hospital last week and I happened to have my laptop with. I turned on the wireless and lo and behold I had a signal! For free! I'm not sure how wireless access can aid in convalescence, but it sure was nice to check my email.

I think that I prefer Google over Zoho. Though Zoho seems to have more little more flexibility and whole lot more options, I already have a Google account. Plus, I think more people have a Google account as well. It may have to do a little more investigating, but I think that Google will suffice since it seems the idea behind these products is not to produce complex or elaborate documents but to get information across in an efficient manner.

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