Monday, June 11, 2007

Video killed the podcast star.

I could get lost on YouTube for days--and that is just talking about all the Star Wars stuff. I find that the quality of the YouTube videos varies widely. Plus, many of these videos seem so self indulgent, they can be painful to watch. Oh well, there is still plenty of material of adequate quality that one can find.

I've embedded a number of videos before. Last month, my post in my Kennewick trip, I linked to some coffee art. And last week, on the STABlog, I embedded a video on the "Library Neeenja!" Good stuff. But, for this post, I thought I should do something more library related. Fortunately, my friend from Allen County Public Library was in a library video. It needs little introduction, and I thought it would be appropriate for this posting. (By the way, my friend is the one gushing blood from her mouth.)

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