Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Internet mad science.

Google labs is definitely an interesting place to get lost in for a while. The problem is, which has already been discussed a bit, is that so much of these are still in the beta stage that they really aren't very usable. For example, when I first saw Google Ride Finder, I thought it was a great idea. Sadly, it only lists Yellow Cab, which is fine I suppose. If I had a web enabled phone, then we would have something. But is rare when I am sitting at my computer wondering where a cab is.
I did like Google Suggest. It is extremely helpful for people like my self who are poor at spelling.
I found Google Trends to be really confusing and not necessarily helpful. It was interesting to play with and I'm a big fan a graphs. I'm not sure how well the service works, though, since some of the searches I preformed seemed like they would return more hits.
Google Mars will no doubt be useful for my next extra-planetary excursion.

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