Monday, June 11, 2007

And the winner is . . .

Having the opportunity to explore the Web 2.0 technologies on our own is a bit dangerous. I have to say it was easy to get lost in exploring these various options. I'm happy to say I'm doing this at home so I'm not wasting any work time. ; ]

I took a look at both of the Web 2.0 Awards and the Webware 100 to find a possible topic to explore. I played with both sites and found a number of interesting possibilities.

-Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus: What a great way to develop new search terms and exlore the language. All in a familiar word cloud format. Not to mention how versatile it is. And it is just a plain good thesaurus. Too bad you have to login to use it.

Wufoo: We are often looking for ways to survey colleagues at branch level, at the system level and on various committees. Very cool.

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Julia Pequlia said...

Wow -- that visual thesaurus is really cool! It doesn't know all words, though. I tried "obfusticate" and it was confused (heh heh), and then to be obnoxious I tried "obstreperous" (heh heh), and it did get that one.

To give the thesaurus a little credit, "obfusticate" is a colloquial version of "obfuscate" which *was* in the thesaurus.

Oh, and your wofu link doesn't work ...